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gym :


do some dumbbell, ҃ܵ run on the indoor track, ڈϴ play some sport on the court, ˮ\do some aquatic activities, ]\٤ӾܲCܲaerobics like yoga, swimming, running on a treadmill


A gym is the place where students can have fun and relax themselves, for many students it can be the first choices when it comes to how to spend their spare time. There are lots of fun activities you can do in the gym like, play some sports on the court, do some aerobics like yoga, swimming, and running on a treadmilland stuff like that.

ã ** wKeep fit, Ȥ have fun, relaxWSʽ lead a healthy and active lifestyle


In a nutshell, it is really important for a university to own a nice recreation center(gym ͬx~)for it helps to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.


conduct research, ՓڌHapply theory in practice, ֱ^understand concepts intuitively(ֱ^)BWĄ develop students' creativity;

ǺÌWУҪMɲ Ȼչ_ҵ(σ)

Great labs are a big part of a good university, students can use the lab to apply theory into practice and conduct researches in their fields, moreover, by doing experiments students can understand the concepts better and develop their creativity.




Reputation of a university has no direct impact on its students, and it is kind of meaningless.


audit class“ϵһ;


Auditing class is the best to know the university better, since faculty members are an indispensable part of the university. Their knowledgeteaching skills and even the way they teach the class represent the university. The values they uphold in the class are the ones that are cherished by the university.



metropolis, Ļmulticultural, convenient, ͨ public transportation, ̵shops, ưɺͲ^ bars and restaurant,M full of dynamics; ȻҲԸsocialbroaden your horizon and enrich your experienceYһ



Ԫdiverse student body, 㘷Flots of clubs and societies, Oʩwell established facilities, Ľlots of famous professors, Ӻܶvarious activities;

˶, ϲg^ĴWWFw^Ԫ, HWܶMö

Personally, I would say I like to attend a big university. A big university tends to have a diverse student body, there might be lots of international students like me, and they organize all kinds of social activities.


Also, a big university is likely to have very well established facilities like multi-functional libraries, recreation centers and research facilities. These are big parts of a colorful university life.



If universities are given financial support to develop researches, which of the following fields do you think the universities should pursue:

1. To predict weather more accurately

2. To develop an effective method to clean rivers and ocean

3. To develop outer space researches.


oney on researching the effective methods to clean the water resources, because peoples lives depend on it. Right now, the water pollution is a serious problem facing the globe. The drinkable water is polluted by factory wastes and the ocean is polluted by the oil rigs. This is an emergency needs to be dealt with immediately, so the university should make full use of the money and educate the students the importance of protecting the water resources and those sea animals. If we still sit there and doing nothing, I think the last drop of water we can see will be humans tear.



Should school require its students to participate in 40-hour-long community work?.

Task 1 :

Some schools require students to finish forty hours of community service each year. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

Task1: Do you agree or disagree with the statement that school should ask each student to do 40 hours of community service per year.

Task 1Agree or disagree: school should ask each student to do 40 hours of community service per year.


Well, I think doing community service can help students gain a strong sense of belonging to the community and get a sense of achievement. I would like to talk about my personal experience, last year, I taught math in a poverty stricken area for a month, the experience makes me appreciate life more and not take things for granted. Also, I feel like I am needed by the community and I have something to offer back to society that gives my life a sense of purpose. However, requiring students to do 40 hours of community service might throw them off their busy school schedule. They might have less time working their schoolwork, like presentations, group projects, and preparing for exams and stuff like that.




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