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1. I am not good at maths, but English


改進: I am good not at mathematics but at English/ My strength is not mathematics but English.


2. Who is the proper person to make up his minds about children’s leisure time?


改進: Who is the proper person to plan children’s leisure time?


3.It is children who clear about their interests.


改進: It is children who are clear about their own interests.


4. I agree the latter idea.(漏掉介詞是大家在托福寫作中低分的常見病句。)


改進: I agree with the latter idea.


5. Many people dissatisfy with the status quo.


改進: Many people are dissatisfied with the status quo.


6. So I feel breathe more comfortably now.


改進: So I feel more comfortable now when I breathe.


7. People should learn knowledge no matter how old they are.(語義重復也是大家在托福寫作中導致低分的主要原因)


改進:People should learn no matter how old they are/ People are never too old to learn.


8. No one knows all the things.


改進: No one knows everything.


9. I want to live in a quiet place to admire peaceful life.


改進: I want to live in a quiet place to enjoy peaceful life.


10. Each form of shavings friends has its advantages.


改進: Each way of choosing friends has its advantages.


11. I was admitted to a Key University for which few dared to sign up.


改進: I was admitted to a Key University to which few dared to apply.


12. Luckily, he recognized an American professor.


改進: Luckily, he knew an American professor.


13. They will learn the bad habits.


改進: They will develop bad habits.


14. In this continued process, people make progress.


改進: In this cycle, people make progress.


15. Lastly, higher education is equal to higher salary.


改進: Lastly, higher education means higher salary.


16. By making friends who are different from ourselves, we can make up for deficiency.


改進: By making friends who are different from ourselves, we can make up for our shortcomings.


17. A wrong decision will bring even worse fact.


改進: A wrong decision will bring even worse result.


18. You spend all your life to fulfill your willing.


改進: You devote all your life to the fulfillment of your dream.


19. Children should be taught disciplines in groups to avoid unnecessary lost.


改進: Children should be taught discipline in groups to avoid unnecessary loss.


20. I felt alone.


21. Eating outside has the most advantage that we can go at any time when we finish eating without doing any washing.


改進: The best part of eating out is that we can leave everything behind after meal.


22. Smoking can help you relax your mind.


改進: Cigarettes can help you relax.


23. What’s about nonsmokers?


改進: What about nonsmokers?


24. Why not to be a non-smoker?


改進: Why not be a non-smoker?


25. Everyone will have many friends in his life.


改進: Everyone has friends in his life.



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